With the Eye Testing Specialists You Can:

With the Eye Testing Specialists You Can:

Real Doctors.

After discussing a medical diagnosis with your patient, have you ever been asked, “Do I have to go to a real doctor?”

You may have been asked this question and in your current setting, your hands are tied. You may not have the equipment you need for testing, or you may not be set up for medical billing, and you’ve had to refer your medical patients for testing and management.

The Eye Testing Specialists gives you access to the latest equipment and technology so you can provide eyecare at the level you want.

Real Eyecare.

Access to the latest technology

When you have a patient that needs testing, you decide and order which tests you want the Eye Testing Specialists to perform. Testing includes Ocular Coherence Tomography (OTC), Electroretinography (ERG), Visual Fields, Retinal Photos, Pachymetry, Gonioscopy, Corneal Topography, Extended Ophthalmoscopy, IOP checks, Dry Eye testing, follow up appointments, and more.

When you refer to other offices, they usually assume total management of your patient. With the Eye Testing Specialists, you can finally practice optometry the way you’ve always wanted to!

Our Services

Eye Testing Specialists can test for the following conditions:

Ocular conditions we can manage:

Testing equipment at your disposal: